[EN] Welcome! (please read this message first)

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[EN] Welcome! (please read this message first)

Postprzez Administrator » poniedziałek, 5 czerwca 2006, 15:52

Welcome to the RUS Cat Club forum!

All our members (at the very moment) are Polish therefore the language we use most naturally is Polish. As we wish to open, both the club and the forum, to other Russian Blues lovers and breeders, all around the world.

We chose English as the most popular language for communication but it does not mean that this is the only language of communication here! When you write your first post to the forum ask if there is anyone speaking any other language you feel more comfortable with. There is a good chance you would find someone speaking French, German, Spanish as well as less popular languages (eg. Swedish).

To read and write in this part of forum you do not need to be registered, but you might find it more comfortable to use English interface which is available after registration.

To register follow this link: http://www.ruscatclub.pl/forum/profile. ... greed=true and fill in first 4 fields:
Uzytkownik = user,
Adres email = e-mail address,
Haslo = password,
Potwierdz Haslo = password confirmation

Before you confirm the form by clicking "Wyslij" at the bottom of the page, select "Jezyk Forum" as "English" to change the forum language into English. After few minutes you should receive an e-mail with a confirmation link which you have to click (or copy&paste it into your web browser) in order to validate the registration.
Now you can visit your profile to personalise it.

If you encounter any problems feel free to contact me at admin@ruscatclub.pl for assistance.

Please, visit our webpage for more information about the club (www.ruscatclub.pl)

Make yourself at home,

Boguslaw Kucharski
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Postprzez Administrator » wtorek, 20 lutego 2007, 22:50

I am sorry to announce that because of the great number of spam messages we were forced to restrict access to the forum for registered users only.

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Powrót do russian blue

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